Keeled Box Turtle Cuora Mouhotii National Parks Of 2020 //

Binomial name: Cuora mouhotii John Edward Gray, 1862 The keeled box turtle Cuora mouhotii syn. Pyxidea mouhotii is a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae. It is native to Asia, where it occurs in China, India, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, and Bhutan. Other common names include keel-backed terrapin and jagged-shelled turtle. – The Keeled Box Turtle, Cuora mouhotii Family Geoemydidae, is a small carapace length up to ca. 250 mm, once poorly-known terrestrial species. Recent extensive research on the species in its natural habitat in northern Vietnam and Hainan, China, has significantly increased. Keeled box turtle Cuora mouhotiiAs well as noticeable keels, the upper shell, or carapace, is serrated at the rear, and occasionally also at the front. The lower shell, or plastron, is yellow to light brown with a dark-brown smudge on each scute 2. Like other box turtles, the front of the lower shell.

Keeled Box Turtles At Cuc Phuong National Park In Vietnam The following two cases came to us from the Cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam via the Bristol Zoo. Keeled box turtle Cuora mouhotii 340: We received this little turtle from a pet keeper in summer 2017. ON EXHIBIT: Turtle Gallery on Level 2 of River Journey. Keeled box turtles are named for the three keels running down the top of their carapace top of shell. Females of this species lay anywhere from 3-7 eggs, sometimes twice per year. Conservation Status: Critically Endangered per the IUCN Red List. The Keeled Box Turtle, Cuora mouhotii Family Geoemydidae, is a small carapace length up to ca. 250 mm, once poorly-known terrestrial species. Cuora mouhotii mouhotii northern keeled box turtle and C. bouretti Bourret's box turtle Captive hybridization. Herpetological Review 46 2: 206 - get paper here Struijk, Richard P.J.H.; and Torsten E.G. Blanck 2016.

Joe lives in Minnesota and currently working with terrestrial turtles and tortoises like The Keeled Box Turtle Cuora mouhotii obsti and a few species of aquatic turtles. Joe is a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance and Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group as well as ,andwhere he can be found on all as Joe_S. Amboina box turtle. Thai: เต่าหับ, dtao haab Binomial name: Cuora amboinensis, Riche in François Marie Daudin, 1801 The Amboina box turtle Cuora amboinensis, or southeast Asian box turtle is a species of Asian box turtle. Bourret's box turtle Cuora bourreti, also known commonly as the central Vietnamese flowerback box turtle and the Indochinese box turtle, is a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae. The species is endemic to Southeast Asia.

Species Cuora mouhotii Keeled Box Turtle. Cuora mouhotii: pictures 1.

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