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Jul 29, 2011 · “Did not gamble but $1 drinks!” Review of Casino Royale.The Margaritas are the same price but not sure if they packed a punch, they could be lacking in much alcohol, but for the bottles of beer great bargain. Worth stopping in just to pick up a cheap drink and then carry on down the street somewhere more interesting, beer in hand.

“Did not gamble but $1 drinks!” Review of Casino Royale.The Margaritas are the same price but not sure if they packed a punch, they could be lacking in much alcohol, but for the bottles of beer great bargain. Worth stopping in just to pick up a cheap drink and then carry on down the street somewhere more interesting, beer in hand.</plaintext> Sep 18, 2011 · Did not gamble but $1 drinks! Casino looked very crusty, but also lively. Bit dingey and didn't bet but you can't go wrong with $1 bottles of Michelob beer right on the Strip. Sep 22, 2019 · Casino Royale hasn't had $1 margaritas in years. All their beer is now $3 but more selection. Cromwell has $2 vodka cocktails during the day at Interlude can't remember the exact times Fremont downtown has $1.99 margs and El Cortez has huge $5 ones. Drinks while gambling are free. Nov 22, 2017 · The cost of a bottle of beer for a casino is about a buck, so while a $1 bottle isn’t a loss-leader, it’s break-even, with gambling revenue taking up the slack. Fifteen years was a long run in casino promotion years, and few would begrudge Casino Royale a price.</p> <p>Getting into the casino property can be difficult because of all of the people walking, but be aggressive and you'll get in. It's next to Harrrah's so it may be better to park there and walk to Casino Royale. It's not the nicest place on the strip, but for cheap gambling and drinks, it's a good place to go. Review of Casino Royale Reviewed June 20, 2017 As it says $1 a beer Cheap drinks, rude bartender who was run off his feet Didn't gamble there just a few beers to start the day off cheap.</p> <p>May 15, 2017 · So, not complaints on the drink service. They also still have $1 beers if you just want to go in and drink beer. Not much else in there to do as I still don't think they have real BJ games and the slots always take my wife's money without any payouts. Casino Royale on the Las Vegas Strip – Cheap Craps, Drink Specials and Even Some Free Slot Play By Steve Beauregard Since the closing of the old O’Sheas a few years back a new, less colorful O’Sheas has since taken its place, Casino Royale stands as one of. 1 check-in Casino Royale is a smaller casino. Inside is a little bar. This is located right in the middle. Drinks are cheap. Much better than paying out your ass for the same thing at Caesars Palace. Be ready for the stink you find in old casinos. It has a low ceiling. Therefore the cigarette smoke stays closer to you. If you are looking to gamble at lower stakes than the big casinos - Casino Royale is the place to be. To be honest, the place is a little dumpy but always a good, rowdy craps game going with the best odds on the strip. The drinks are reasonably priced and service is good. 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